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User Game Character Stage/Cleared Difficulty Comment Keywords

Special Conditions Key
No Focused Movement No Bomb Usage No Vertical Movement No Misses Tool-Assisted Replay Tool-Assisted Replay (not marked by original uploader) Pacifist Other Condition DeSync
Tool-Assisted Unmarked
Tool Assist
Pacifist Other Desynced
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PlayerGame (D)Character RouteScoreProgress / Spell CardUpload Date Special
VersionDifficultyMissesSpellsSlow%Human RatioRecord Date
(Ranko Hoshino)TD Reimu 215,543,860 2012-01-06 15:49:26
1.00c Normal 0.150%
I made it to the final spell! :D
(DestinySonata)TD Marisa 8,860,560 2012-04-14 03:27:09 No MissesNo Bomb Usage
1.00c Extra 0 0 0.250%
Card Number 108: Unknown "Skyfish with Unknown Shape" --I've always hated this spellcard.
(kaktoo)TD Marisa 229,913,420 All Clear 2012-06-11 14:50:08
1.00c Extra 0.440%
(Goldom)TD Marisa 235,137,400 All Clear 2012-11-30 23:18:46 No MissesNo Bomb Usage
1.00c Easy 0 0 0.030%
Perfect Easy Marisa game - NDNB, no trance necessary for survival.
(Shimatora)TD Reimu 232,830,680 2013-01-27 11:19:07 No Bomb Usage
1.00c Hard 0 0.020%
For a friend.
(T)TD Marisa 527,970,470 All Clear 2013-02-10 13:11:46 No MissesNo Bomb UsageOther Condition
1.00c Extra 0 0 0.050%
All spells captured.
(Atmo)TD Reimu 225,181,440 All Clear 2013-05-22 12:19:54
1.00c Normal 1.320%
(Bang Jan)TD ReimuA 0 2013-10-30 05:14:24 No MissesPacifist
1.00a Lunatic 0 0.000%
Timed out Echo Chamber.
(Karisa-th14)TD SakuyaB 730,304,220 All Clear 2014-07-23 01:06:30 No Bomb Usage
1.00b Easy 0 0.000%
(Issuls)TD Sanae 198,623,090 All Clear 2014-10-28 11:37:52
1.00c Normal 0.040%
Yay, first 1CC, and also first time using Sanae. I like this shot type.
(alzack13)TD Youmu 377,633,450 All Clear 2016-07-17 23:14:04
1.00c Hard 0.170%
0 point DRC run. Damn, TD is boring when you don't have the patience of an elephant. Not signing up for this game again.
(Poochy.EXE)TD Reimu 276,762,670 All Clear 2011-08-18 03:32:45
1.00c Extra 0.490%
The bomb at the start of the survival card was purely by accident - I took my hand off the keyboard for a split-second and bumped X while putting my hand back on. Not that it would've affected my score any, since I screwed up misdirecting the birds halfway through, and on the final card, there was a point where I would've bombed if I had any bombs left, and lived through it anyways.
(Zodiac)TD Reimu 64,495,390 2011-09-12 07:34:05 No MissesNo Bomb Usage
1.00c Normal 0 0 0.020%
Touhou 13 - Ten Desires Stage 6 Normal Perfect Run
(pokeg16)TD Marisa 165,866,010 All Clear 2011-10-27 17:29:03
1.00c Normal 0.400%
This is my 1cc of 13. I'm bad. :< remember to start from stage 1 and ctrl to fast forward. starting at later stages messes up the replay.
(RNG)TD Marisa 417,563,340 All Clear 2013-01-14 14:43:06 No Bomb UsageOther Condition
1.00c Lunatic 0 0.610%
TD NBNT clear! I think this took 35 hours.
(Cream Soda)TD Reimu 196,403,550 All Clear 2013-04-21 10:14:55 No Misses
1.00c Normal 0 0.150%
I clear Ten Desires without dying. This is not the hardest thing I've done in Touhou but it felt like an accomplishment.
(Atmo)TD Marisa 228,513,730 All Clear 2013-05-22 12:20:08
1.00c Normal 22.850%
(Thunder)TD MarisaB 223,143,000 All Clear 2013-09-04 11:38:25
1.00a Extra 0.540%
[DDC] First Extra Clear \o/
(Cream Soda)TD Sanae 469,014,060 All Clear 2014-08-19 15:00:07
1.00c Lunatic 0.190%
A simple Lunatic 1cc.
(Legs)TD Reimu 43,421,120 2015-06-05 04:29:34
1.00c Lunatic 0.000%
And this is why I hate stage 4. Also that midboss card is adorable. Running in circles is the new spellcard, eh?
(Touhou Justice W)TD MarisaB 14,993,270 2015-07-09 11:46:53
1.00b Lunatic 0.700%
Capture of Yatsu's final in DDC. I'm proud of this run. And why shouldn't I be? Because a bunch of "Elite" players are so up their own arses that they think it's okay to just shit on lower players due to being "Scrubby". I came upon a realization of how ridiculous it is that people on the "top elite" tend to mock or laugh at people for simply finding achievements impressive even if they aren't world record score plays. Just because you're a "god" at Touhou doesn't make you any better of a person than anyone else. None the less in a video game situation. It's probably a good idea to get that stick outta your ass and get off that high horse. What's honestly wrong with being a secondary? How is it harming anyone? Oh, how dare I love a cast of characters and music. I'm such a terrible person. Oh hey this one guy got a Lunatic 1cc. How terrible that's barely 1cc tier let's poke fun at him and label him as a scrub because he's not "contributing" any WR scores to our already big and successful community.
(11dam)TD Sanae 199,372,240 All Clear 2016-05-03 15:20:29
1.00c Hard 0.630%
(Malkyrian)TD Reimu 63,008,750 2011-12-25 13:54:16 No MissesNo Bomb UsageOther Condition
1.00a Normal 0 0 0.140%
Other condition: No trance.
(T)TD Reimu 4,307,860 2013-02-10 13:41:09 No MissesPacifist
1.00c Hard 0 0.090%
Interpretive dance. Don't fall asleep.
(Atmo)TD Sanae 269,937,330 All Clear 2013-05-22 12:20:38
1.00c Normal 22.510%
(Emerald)TD Reimu 10,426,680 2013-10-30 11:09:28
1.00c Extra 0.380%
Spell Card #108 Had a go at tackling the safe area above the boss.
(Paty)TD Reimu 371,207,760 2014-12-16 23:54:10
1.00c Hard 0.150%
(Legs)TD Reimu 41,971,340 2015-06-05 06:28:31 No Misses
1.00c Lunatic 0 0.000%
No deaths, 3 bombs, 1 trance stage 5. Wow, very good run ^^ I love stage 5. The music is cool, Futo is awesome, her fight is cool and Legend of the Great Gods is the best track in TD hands down.
(Catmusica)TD Reimu 21,489,280 2016-09-17 07:41:20 No Bomb UsageOther Condition
1.00c Normal 0 0.070%
Stage 4 no bombs. honestly this has the potential to be ALOT better.Also i didnt force trance. only automatic death trance
(Phanton)TD Marisa 186,605,820 All Clear 2017-02-18 23:55:13
1.00c Normal 0.080%
(nintendonut888)TD Reimu 293,252,300 All Clear 2011-12-14 19:13:30 Other Condition
1.00c Extra 0.160%
Mamizou perfect. How amusing. This is the most unlikely perfect I've done in a long time. And in fact, the second-to-last; only Byakuren remains in the whole series.
(Malkyrian)TD Reimu 234,132,080 All Clear 2011-12-25 14:24:59 No Bomb Usage
1.00a Normal 0 0.160%
(Hentai)TD Youmu 0 2012-01-17 01:51:10 No Focused MovementPacifist
1.00c Lunatic 0.440%
(Atmo)TD Reimu 103,154,720 All Clear 2013-05-22 12:25:26
1.00c Extra 25.390%
Reimu Extra
(Fujiwara no Moko)TD Youmu 101,717,180 All Clear 2013-06-21 05:42:48 Other Condition
1.00c Extra 0.110%
Youmu - Extra
(Chava)TD Youmu 168,658,720 2014-09-15 09:16:50
1.00c Normal 2.630%
(Koga)TD Reimu 354,086,660 All Clear 2014-11-25 08:38:29 No MissesNo Bomb Usage
1.00c Extra 0 0 0.110%
I don't like Mamizou (Extra NDNB)
(Zigzagwolf)TD MarisaB 700,649,830 All Clear 2015-04-15 06:47:25
1.00b Lunatic 0.740%
A run for Eientei's lunatic survival competition; my second DDC lunatic 1cc. Ths time scoring 700m but I could've had atleast 2/0 left.. I will improve this for sure. It's funny how interesting Marisa-B is to learn.
(Scarlet Moose)TD Reimu 283,627,470 All Clear 2017-02-19 04:34:10 No MissesNo Bomb Usage
1.00c Extra 0 0 0.070%
(marukyuu)TD Sanae 342,541,640 All Clear 2011-08-18 06:36:13
1.00a Normal 0.210%
MotK Touhou Tournament #15 - Scoring Challenge (Normal) Survival run. I can't do better than this :<


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